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Audio full IP/SIP metal intercom, vandal proof, IP65, PoE

Audio full IP/SIP intercom station, weatherproof and vandal-proof. With stainless steel front pannel, metal call button & internal protection for speaker and microphone. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Led for active call. Remote control to unlock the door. Second contact, active in communicacion or call, for integration with other security systems. Standard IP/SIP communication. Full duplex audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction. Remote configuration via web server.PoE power supply, or external 5 V CC. Model EP-42SIP

Optional Surface mounted wall box CS-EP40SIP




PC board of IP/SIP intercom, with speaker, microphone and push-button. Metallic box

Electronic board of intercom IP/SIP, with speaker, microphone and push-button, for mechanical integration in elevators, cashiers or barriers. Full duplex audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction. Remote configuration via web server. PoE power supply, or external 5 V CC. Connectors for active call (LED), second push-button and remote control for door opening. Built in protective metal case. Model EK-30SIP


U-20, U-50, U-100

IP/SIP intercom, Server

The servers increase the performance of IP/SIP intercoms and IP/SIP public address interfaces with and without output power, and allow to configure systems with more functions than installations point-to-point (p2p).

Among other features, the servers enable audio recording, output to analog phone (DTMF), use of standar Apps from smartphones to make SIP calls, operation after NAT (on different networks without VPN), sequential call, multiple call, paging call (simultaneous audio) simplex and duplex …

U-20 ( 30 extentions)

U50 ( 50 extentions)

U100 (100 extentions)