Our Mission

Our mission is to offer superior quality products at competitive prices with service above and beyond current market efforts to contractors in data, audio and video communication, multimedia, radio and broadcast, security systems as well as telecommunications. Our success is achieved with great product knowledge, customer service and technical support to our customers and dealers. We understand that our most valuable asset is knowing our customers, the territory and the industry as well as our products and upholding the highest professional standards of ethics and performance. We provide customers with a reliable method of vendor reduction by offering multiple products and services from multiple manufacturers. We are experienced, effective and efficient in all areas of the rep business, especially multi-line sales.

Since we work with international as well as local manufacturers, we pull from an extensive network to help our customers get exactly what they need and when they need it. With our facilities, which include both office and warehouse space, we provide full service and can meet just in time requirements. With the latest in computer technology, we work more efficiently so we serve our customers more effectively.