School IP-SIP Paging and Intercom


Perform point to point or campus wide communication with controlled evacuation via pre-recorded messages and/or via emergency microphones using the Fonica IP/SIP Intercom and Paging System. Background music or recordings, and tone signals for class start and stop times can be easily integrated.


Research has proven that in an emergency people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, intelligible message. Bells and sounders only give a warning; they do not indicate the nature of the emergency. Phased evacuation using clear, easily understood, pre-recorded messages ensures that even untrained personnel are evacuated speedily and efficiently. A School Paging System provides important communications and for safety reasons are a must.

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Fonica IP/SIP Intercom and Paging System responds to public address requirements and Voice Alarm for small to large installations. This unit can be integrated to any existing PA system and useful to easily initiate code blue paging or lock-down procedures.

School Paging and intercom systems provide educators with comprehensive communications and safety in the classroom. Fonica IP/SIP Intercom systems integrate easily to existing IP/SIP Phone systems. This allows any authorized phone to page individual classrooms, zone, and group of zones or entire school. School bells or pre-recorded emergency notification is easily integrated to the system. Fonica school paging solutions are affordable and easy to implement for schools and school districts.  Fonica classroom intercom systems offer emergency features such as single button access to reach individual classroom, the ability to page all rooms at once, the ability to page multiple buildings, as well.

In an Emergency situation such as Evacuation message or Severe Weather Warnings can be broadcasted from a pre-recorded event messages, Fire Evacuation Instructions, Intruder Lock Down, Medical Emergency and more. The Fonica IP/SIP Intercom is a stand-alone all in one solution for the Mass Communication, Scheduled Notification and Structured Evacuation. It can be used for:

  • Voice Notification
  • Structured evacuation
  • Scheduled recurring messaging
  • School bell
  • Shift Change
  • Security Announcements


Timer scheduled payback

The timer-event can be used as an electronic School bell for educational institutions, to announce shift change in manufacturing plants or playback specific automated messages at specific times of day for many applications including Medical, Education, Transportation, Airports and more.



An effective Mass Notification System must deliver The Right Message, To the Right People, and At the Right Time. These are the 3 Primary functions of voice evacuation and Mass notification system and all integral part of the Fonica IP/SIP intercom system



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Our Solutions Include:

  • IP or Traditional Analog Paging
  • Emergency Message Notification
  • Telephone System Connectivity
  • Bell Schedule System
  • Door Entry Communications
  • Lock Down Systems


BOM :: Bill of Material

10 Fonica CE-EP40SIP Classroom  SIP AUDIO STATION
5 Fonica IA-20SIP Audio interface IP/SIP. PoE power supply
1 Fonica U-20 30 extention IP/SIP SERVERS
2 Ecler eHSA4-150 Dual Channel Power Amplifier
24 Ecler eIC52 5 inch 2 way speaker

Download the pdf document here

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