Dante POE Network Speaker

New Energy with DanteTM


The new DT series from MONACOR now conveniently allows you to implement Audio over IP solutions with DanteTM interfaces at a very attractive price and includes the new speaker WALL-05DT which is suitable for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. With a classic design and state-of-the-art components, this speaker system provides an excellent sound for any application.

Installation and setup ensure maximum efficiency. The DanteTM standard and an additional range of DT products allow almost unlimited options for application.

Audinate‘s DanteTM is a trendsetting network technology for digital audio transmission which allows to simultaneously transmit several digital audio signals. It is possible to transmit uncompressed and synchronised audio signals with virtually no latency. Thus, DanteTM technology is perfectly suited for live events, recording, broadcasting and installations.

The benefits of using a standard IT network for audio transmissions are obvious. Cabling used in the projects can often be more cost-effective. The technology also allows for a high level of flexibility when planning and implementing a project. Instead of using heavy and expensive analogue cables or multicore cables, it is possible to apply cost-effective Ethernet cables.

DanteTM can be used in parallel to an existing network which makes it a particularly attractive option. With digital transmissions, there is no interference from other electrical devices and greater cable distances are possible without degrading the quality of the signal. With the free software ‘DanteTM Controller’, it is possible to determine from which specified DanteTM-enabled device to which other specified DanteTM-enabled receiver the audio signal is to be routed through the network. Due to logical connections instead of physical ones, it is possible to change the connections with a single click of the mouse button. Several different devices within the same network are able to receive one channel as an audio signal carrier.

Der WALL-05DT – Plug & Play Audio over IP

The wall speaker WALL-05DT perfectly meets every requirement. It is not just a DSP module but also features an integrated 2-channel DanteTM module. This DanteTM speaker is particularly suitable for commercial applications in the professional sector. It can be used for applications where several audio channels have to be transmitted over great distances and to different areas or locations. The fields of application include schools, office buildings, fittness centres, shops and restaurants.

Digital transmission provides several advantages over analogue transmission. Even in case of greater distances, the signal features a comparably low susceptibility to interference and analogue audio transmissions also require a higher cable quality. In comparison with other Audio over Ethernet applications, e.g. CobraNet or EtherSound, DanteTM can support gigabit applications with several channels, features a lower latency and automatic configuration.

The power for WALL-05DT is supplied via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or via a 12 V power supply which is available at option. Furthermore, the integrated DSP module can be controlled via app which provides the most important functions like master volume control and controls for treble, midrange and bass.

The control is in your hands ...

Any device with an integrated DSP module and which is connected to the same WLAN network as the iPhone or iPad, can conveniently be controlled with the MONACOR-DT app for iOS. With various presets via drop-down menu, master volume control or settings for treble, midrange and bass, the app is particularly suitable for private applications.


Perfectly emphasised areas …

Regardless of their size, modern pubs and restaurants require individual solutions for different areas of the location. With the DT series from MONACOR, you will easily be able to handle these challenges.

The scenario: a bar with four zones.

The chill-out area is to be provided with unobtrusive background music which should not disrupt ongoing conversations. The bar area, too, requires a volume level which allows you to hold a conversation or order drinks at the bar. For this purpose, we have applied the speaker systems WALL-05DT.

In order to ensure a good atmosphere throughout, background music ought to be provided to the sanitary facilities, too. To carry out this task, we have used ceiling speakers EDL-10TW/WS which are integrated into the system via PA amplifier AKB-160DT with integrated DanteTM module.

At night, the music on the dancefloor is allowed to be at a higher volume level. To achieve this, we have used speaker systems EUL-2/SW which are integrated into the system via AKB-160DT and subwoofer EUL-2SUB/SW which is driven by PA-900DT.

The system is controlled from the bar area/DJ area via shuttle PC. With the easy-to-use software, the team is able to provide each area with an individual PA application which can feature a separate play list as well as different volume levels.