Room Combine Application

2 Room Combining Application

by: John Vellone

In this Application I will present a solution for combining 2 adjacent meeting rooms into one room. When the rooms are separate each room operates independently. But when the 2 rooms are combined now all the inputs are shared into the 2 rooms and the room system operates as one system.

This system is designed using the Ecler products.

Download the pdf document here.

Two room combine audio system

Two room combine audio system

BOM :: Bill of Material

QTY Model Manufacturer Description
1 DAM-614 Ecler Digital Mixer
2 HSA2-400 Ecler 2 Channel Amplifier
2 WPmMIX-T Ecler 2 input wall mounted mixer
2 WPTOUCH Ecler Digital Wall Remote Control
8 AUDEO103 Ecler Wall Mounted Speakers
2 eMWR Ecler Wireless Microphone receiver
2 eMWE Ecler Wireless Microphone Body transmitter
2 eMHS1BG Ecler Headset Condenser Microphone

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