Multi-Zone Restaurant BGM Music System


The tempo of music has a direct impact on a consumer’s behavior. The right background music creates a comfortable and relaxing environment in hotels, bars and restaurants.

If we talk about public address messaging, then intelligibility is the most important issue (e.g. emergency messages). This requires a level of sound quality and clarity too often missing from public address systems.

In other situations, like a seminar in a hotel, a professional audio system should cover a conference room with clear sound in every single area. Additionally, a well-designed and balanced system reduces vocal strain and fatigue, overcomes background noise easily and improves conference room management by increasing efficiency and acoustic comfort.

Download the pdf document here.

Proposed System

The Ecler System is 4.5 Zone Speaker background sound system designed for creating that all important Background Music with you being able to set the right atmosphere for your customers .

This is our 4 and half Zone version, which comes with 4 separate Volume and program controls, allowing the music levels to be set at different sound levels in different areas or rooms.


This background sound system utilises high quality Ecler2 Way ceiling speakers or 2 way designer wall speakers ( available in Black or White ) for excellent sound reproduction.  The DAM614 Matrix combined with multi-zone  amplifier are used for reliability and continued use in commercial applications. This system comes with line level inputs for ( for iPod / CD / MP3 Players and Satellite TV receivers) &  2 Microphone inputs are available for use during conference or corporate meeting use. All controls are set digitally so that unwanted tinkering by non authorized personnel is limited. The system is very easy to operate, and more importantly delivering the perfect ambience for background music requirements. Recommended for Hotel, and restaurant applications.

This system is also available to work Bluetooth (wireless streaming from iPod / Android /Laptop ) by adding our eSAS-BT Bluetooth adapter system or ePlayer1 using DNLA or Apple AirPlay.

Audio Player with Bluetooth

The speakers are wired using the 70v system, meaning that to install you just link a cable from each speaker, it’s really simple. Installation can be carried out by a competent handyman or electrician.

Streaming & Local Media Audio Player


BOM (Bill of Materials)

Item QTY Model No. Brand Description
1 1 DUO-NETPLAYER Ecler Dual Streaming & Media Audio Player
2 1 ePLAYER1 Ecler Streaming & Local Media Audio Player
3 1 DAM614 Ecler 6 in 4 out DIGITAL MATRIXES
4 2 WM-MixT Ecler Wall mounted local input mixer
5 1 WM-PS Ecler Power supply for WM-MixT
6 1 eHSA4-150 Ecler 4 x 150 watt per Channel Amplifier
7 12 IC6CLASS-TR Ecler Ceiling Speaker
8 8 VCS-700B Veltronic Outdoor cabinet speaker
9 1 eHMA60 Ecler 60 watt amplifier (rest rooms)
10 2 VAT-7010D Fonica Volune Control (For Rest rooms)
11 2 eIC5 Ecler 5 inch speaker (For rest room)


If you have a similar requirement and would like us to design a system for you please contact us at it will be a pleasure for us to design a custom system for your application.