Interrogation and Observation Room Audio

Interview Room Recording  and Interrogation Recording Systems

Audio listening system for Law enforcement interrogation, educational or medical observation rooms. This easy of use system is an effective systems gathering and recording evidence in judicial maters or evaluating student or staff performance in real life situations or simulations. The proposed system below conforms to law enforcement electronic recording of interrogations (ERI) requirements.


This system is designed using the Ecler and RDL Products.

Download the pdf document here.


This application provides to a listener in one room to observe and listen to an interview or interrogation which is happening in the other room. Visual can be through a 2 way mirror, a camera or a combination of both. A volume control allows the listener to adjust the room audio to the desired listening level. Recording is also possible by sending the aux out to an audio or video recorder or other recording devices.   The VC-MS-1 is an illuminated mute switch that can use to mute the microphone output. It is commonly used for interrogation rooms.

The system can accommodate up to 4 microphone strategically positioned for optimal sound capture. 2 overhead microphones are used in this example. A 2 channel 40 watt amplifiers powers 2 ceiling speakers in the observation room. The ceiling speakers can be replaced by wall mounted speakers if desired. Optionally A Veltronic VC-MC1 wall mounted mute switch can be installed in the interrogation or observation room in order to mute the microphones for client / advocate confidentiality.

Interrogation and Observation Room Audio

BOM :: Bill of Material

QTY Model Manufacturer Description
2 IC6 Ecler In-ceiling / In-wall Loudspeaker
1 CA40 Ecler 2 Channel Amplifier
1 WPmVOL Ecler Wall mounted Remote Volume Control
2 EVO Shure Overhead Microphones
1 FP-MX4 RDL Microphone mixer with Phantom Power
1 PS24AS RDL 24 VDC Power supply

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