Veltronic is a Canadian manufacturer of audio, video and audio/video distribution amplifiers for video duplication, media press feeds and the multimedia presentation market.

Media distribution and break-out boxes forpress conferences or multiple broadcaster feeds. Press Box is manufactured by Veltronic using high quality componebts and solis all steal chassis for reliable operationn in the most demanding applications.
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Audio & video distribution amplifiers. Hi quality design, low signal to noise and excellent common mode rejection elimitates ground loops and rejects audio and video noise.
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Modular, compact, fit-any-where modules. These modules are designed to be used as solution and problem fixers. These compact modules can be used stand alone or in a system.These modules are designed Fit-Any-Where. Screw them on a wood board, stich them on a rack pannel or tie-wrap them in a rack…and “voila…”
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