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Screen Size Calculator

Screen Size Calculator Calculate the required size for your 16:9 HDTV projection screen? Enter any known screen dimension and the others will be calculated. Screen Size Calculator Trying to figure out the required size for your 16:9 HDTV projection screen? This tool calculates 2 of 3 dimensions for you in cm and inches. Simply enter […]

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HD-SDI Cable Distance

SDI is the acronym for Serial Digital Interconnect.

HD-SDI is the High Definition version

Typically, HD-SDI is normally transmitted over digital video grade RG6-style low-loss coaxial cable up to a nominal maximum distance of about 100 meters.


Many variables will Change this nominal distance. The quality of the cable is extremely important. Another factor that affects the distance is dependent on the peripherals and the quality of the interface. More importantly  the bitrate used of the HD-SDI and weather the signal is compressed or not compressed.


SMPTE  259

SMPTE  292

Level A

Level B Level C Level D


NTSC 4fsc PAL 4fsc 525/625




Component Componenet


Data Rate in Mbps 9clock)

143 177 270 360 1485
1/2 Clock Rate in MHz 72 89 135 180 743
Cable Type Feet Meters Feet Meters Feet Meters Feet Meters Feet Meters
RG59, 26 AWG 583 178 531 162 428 130 365 111 94 29
RG59, 24 AWG 813 248 736 224 600 183 519 158 150 46
RG59, 20 AWG 1034 315 944 288 801 244 687 209 188 57
RG6,  18 AWG 1406 429 1274 388 1067 325 915 279 285



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Network Acronyms

Network Acronyms and Terminologies Here included is a list of common Network Acronyms or terminologies. Listed and explained in easy to understand plain text. Authentication – Basic: Login credentials (username/password) are sent over the network in plain text. This option is less secure, but improves compatibility with some browsers.   Authentication – Digest: Login credentials are […]

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Dante POE Network Speaker

New Energy with DanteTM   The new DT series from MONACOR now conveniently allows you to implement Audio over IP solutions with DanteTM interfaces at a very attractive price and includes the new speaker WALL-05DT which is suitable for fixed installations in shops, hotels, in pubs and restaurants, in schools or indoor sports facilities. With […]

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Multi-Zone Restaurant BGM Music System

Description The tempo of music has a direct impact on a consumer’s behavior. The right background music creates a comfortable and relaxing environment in hotels, bars and restaurants. If we talk about public address messaging, then intelligibility is the most important issue (e.g. emergency messages). This requires a level of sound quality and clarity too […]

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School IP-SIP Paging and Intercom

OVERVIEW Perform point to point or campus wide communication with controlled evacuation via pre-recorded messages and/or via emergency microphones using the Fonica IP/SIP Intercom and Paging System. Background music or recordings, and tone signals for class start and stop times can be easily integrated.   Research has proven that in an emergency people will react […]

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Interrogation and Observation Room Audio

Interview Room Recording  and Interrogation Recording Systems Audio listening system for Law enforcement interrogation, educational or medical observation rooms. This easy of use system is an effective systems gathering and recording evidence in judicial maters or evaluating student or staff performance in real life situations or simulations. The proposed system below conforms to law enforcement electronic recording of […]

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Hotel BGM and Audio distribution with Paging

BGM system for Hotel offering source selection per zone and local inputs for microphones and local multimedia playback for meeting rooms and ball rooms. This system is designed using the Ecler products. Download the pdf document here. Description This application provides Back Ground Music in different areas of a Hotel. It also Provides Local inputs […]

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Room Combine Application

2 Room Combining Application by: John Vellone In this Application I will present a solution for combining 2 adjacent meeting rooms into one room. When the rooms are separate each room operates independently. But when the 2 rooms are combined now all the inputs are shared into the 2 rooms and the room system operates […]

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